Is it Right to Compare Celebrities on Twitter Polls?

News 05:05 May 2024:

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To boot, in any field, politics always emerge. Competition is so rigid whether in the workplace, show business and in other niche. This is the real world- it seems there is no room for you to remain lax especially if you do not wish to be left behind. The same goes in the world of social media and the competition and stress is at maximum level particularly if you are a celebrity.

Many a time, we have witnessed a lot of cases and instances when celebrities blatantly exchange profane and offensive languages and statements against each other. It is saddening to see famous personalities who countless of people look up todo such awry acts. Well, sometimes this happens because of social media too!

Many followers and fans often times support their idols in a way that attacks other celebrities. There are some Twitter Polls that were created just to ask questions whether a certain celebrity is worth-following or not or other questions that are merely intended to spark some debates or disputes among other fans. In this case, polls on Twitter are not useful and encouraging.

Admittedly, this does not necessarily mean that Twitter Polls are meant to defame or harm others, as always, it is up to the user how he or she will use it but of course it is a must to stringently adhere to the terms and policies prior creating the questions that you plan to ask on your poll. What makes social media features appear bad is when users use them for thoughtless acts.

What should you consider when creating a poll about celebrities?

As what many responsible social media users do, one needs to think carefully first prior clicking. It is prohibited to use social media apps or features if your purpose is to attack someone or spread stuff that people won’t benefit from.

While it is true that there is nothing wrong if you wish to pose some questions about celebrities, at times, trying to compare them could create a nasty scenario. In truth, there are instances when fans of different celebrity’s being compared attack each other – obviously, this is because they have different beliefs and they desire to protect and support their idols.

Moreover, the results from the poll may trigger fans to attack the creator of the poll as well since every user has their own opinion and uses their right to voice out what concerns them regarding the topic. While the participants of polls are anonymous, it cannot be denied that there are incidents when many users would argue and debate regarding the topic and would cause ruckus on Twitter.

So, now the question is, is it right to compare celebrities on a poll? As you can see, this is just similar with politics. When the results are out, both parties will have their thoughts and opinions about it. Most likely, when compared, both of them would not just simply accept the result especially if this is not in their favor. So, better stay away from topics that could create a fuss.

Twitter Polls on Electric Car Ads

When it comes to advertising the products and services that brands and companies offer to the public, it cannot be denied that the entire process isn’t a cakewalk. In point of fact, if you unsuccessfully promote your offer, this could be one of the reasons of product or service offer failure.

It is all thanks to the emergence and popularity of various social media platforms these days, brands and firms can now advertise easily and instantly without having to spend excessively on ad campaigns. With various social media apps and features, doing business is made a lot easier.

Nowadays, more and more companies and brands opt for Twitter polls in order to easily and immediately get into the minds of their target market. For a fact, with the just out arrival of more extensive electric vehicle ads such as Veloz, Electrify America, Audi etc., firms now think it is high time to pry into what readers think is worth advertising when it comes to electric cars.

Some of electric car ads were heartwarming, formulaic and of course quite exciting but in other ways some also felt like an age-old type of commercial. It can’t be avoided that ads do sometimes confuse consumers for appearing slightly cartoony and do not come with effective call-to-action to purchase a specific electric vehicle primarily because the firm could not recognize brands in its ads.

Indeed, if those advertisements do not quite appear to cut it, you can’t help but question what would. This is where a Twitter poll comes to being – question like what electric car ads could appeal to masses for 2019.

Among the choices were: earth-friendly, cost-effective, quiet and fast performance, freedom and romance – all of which appears more or less what many electric car brands advertisements were attempting to execute.

Over 40% of the respondents stated that auto manufacturers and others should endorse electric vehicle’s quiet and fast performance. It is one of their most noticeable features, and one that a number of non-electric vehicle drivers have not experienced. Moreover, it is one that several electric vehicle advertisements have not uttered.

Roughly over 35% respondents picked “cost-effective,” another probably overlooked perk of purchasing electric. Buyers tend to concentrate on higher sticker costs, and might not recognize the price of driving on electricity and setting aside on maintenance could also double the cost.

Only about 18% of respondents chose “environment-friendly’. A lot of viewers probably already link electric vehicles with environmental awareness, and a few segments percentage of the public are held off by the association. This appears to be the primary message of the ‘Jetstones” advertisement campaign.

Barely any respondents realized electric vehicles should be promoted the same manner as traditional vehicles have for many years ago. Less than 20 of Twitter followers selected “freedom and romance” as the subject to underscore in electric vehicle advertisements.

Keep in mind that polls on Twitter aren’t scientific and this is perhaps due to their insignificant sample size and since the respondents are self-chosen. It is uncertain that auto manufacturers would listen carefully to people’s suggestions anyway.