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News 05:05 May 2024:

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You do not have to be a marketer to understand the great benefits that come with hosting a Reseller panel.  The fact that most of the dealings are becoming digital is not a secret and has become a common knowledge among people of all walks of life.  There have been a lot of misconceptions on how to become a reseller and or on how to use the same for monetary gain.  This has been occasioned by the increase in number of those seeking services all around the globe.  Becoming a reseller does therefore not require one to become a marketer.

There are things worth noting before going out there to market your services.  As a provider or a reseller, you need to identify a group of people who might be in need of hosting services.  You also need to remember that each Panel for Reseller has unique needs which must be tailored to their requirements.  In very rare occasions do you find customers with the same requirements, you will realise as you tailor make your services that each customer however large or small have their unique needs which must be custom tailored according to their requirements.

It is therefore important that as a Reseller Panel supplier, you discuss the hosting issue with each customer in detail.  It is at this point that you will realise that there are customers who have no idea of what they want in such panels.  As a provider and because you want to build a long relationship with your client, you should take time and explain the issue of cost, services, security, available options and other extra features just to name a few.  This will give an interested customer the chance to decide what is best for their company and how they want it done.

There are customers who from the word go will leave the issue of Panel for Reseller setting wholly upon you.  It will be therefore upon you as a reseller to provide customers who have trusted you with a seamlessly easy to use and user friendly service.  This will depend on the company that you choose to provide such services.  Don’t just choose the first company that comes into your search.  You too should remember that you are building a new customer’s data base.  It is therefore a must that you must do your research accordingly and find a reputable company that will be able to stand with you all the way.

Lastly, you might have a list of interested customers but one thing you should never forget to do is to remember to promote your Reseller Panel business.  Remember that in each business there are competitors and you as a team are competing for the same number of customers.   A reseller hosting is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest way to make money in the 21st century for those who understand and know how to promote their product not forgetting to provide quality.  Customers will only be able to stay with you longer if you deliver.  Remember in reseller hosting you set the charges.

Trends in Web Security That Every Panel Reseller Should Know


Any successful investor will tell you that what keeps their businesses rejuvenated is keeping themselves abreast with everything trending in their line of trade whether positive or negative. As a panel reseller investor, being cautious is necessary considering that a small hitch affecting your business will paint a bad picture of you to your clients. Although the firm providing the web hosting services handles most of the administrative work, there is still much that a panel reseller needs to be aware of and ready to handle if their reseller business is to be sustainable.


On top of the list is cyber security related issues. Anyone who has ever tried their hand in the reseller panel business will agree that cyber security is always a constant roaming threat due to its capability of crippling the nerve of the business.


With hackers getting more sophisticated with their ever changing tactics. It is always good to keep up with cyber security trends and of cause what to expect from the ‘bad guys’.


Lately, cyber criminals have started to change tactics to ensure they cash more in their trade. Unlike in the past where the attackers concentrated on disrupting the system, their main goal has turned to outsmarting the system itself, which has proven to be fatal. Earlier on, the main stage show attacks were primarily DDoS which today is just a façade of the current targeted and well- conceived attacks.


To make the matters worse, attackers today don’t have to be equipped with specific skills or specialized infrastructure to initiate the attack. With online rented equipment and a malware code bought online also, an attacker can cause havoc to thousands of computers. Some of the most prevalent cyber security threats that every aspiring reseller panel should be aware of include:



Ransomware malware attack has already caused devastation running into hundred of million dollar losses. With a growth rate of about 360%, ransomware attacks have been highlighted as a global security issue including in the 2018 World Economic Forum.


Ransomware is a type of malware that attackers manipulate to take over computers and networks then demand money from the owners with a promise of restoring data once payment is made.


The original purpose of botnets initially was data aggregation, online trading, site indexing among other legitimate purposes. However, their capabilities have been employed in instigating destructive campaigns like spamming, sniffing, DDoS attacks and many more.


Investors in reseller panel needs to be aware of this malware due to its nature. The botnet malware targets on devices, which are on most of the time. Since a panel reseller cannot avoid being on-net most of the time, this malware may be a real threat to their business.


The DDoS Attacks

This malware is known well in the internet circles. The record of businesses hit by DDoS attacks has doubled with an increase of 35% in 2017 from 18% in 2016. The malware attack can be of any size and be launched for myriad reasons such as exhausting the bandwidth of a network or site, which may end up in a volumetric attack or even overwhelming specific applications such as DNS services using HTTP commands.

Basically, these are the most noted cyber security threats that as a reseller panel, you should familiarize with and take precautions against.