How to drive your social media campaign the right way

News 05:05 May 2024:

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Whether you are a start-up or a veteran in the use of social media platforms for brand promotion, you definitely understand the power behind it to attract and engage customers. The number of businesses with dedicated social media teams has increased from 65% in 2012 to the current 80%.

However, research done by Webbiquity has shown that 85% of customers have indicated having a bad experience at some point with social media marketing. Quite some bad news there, right?

It’s clear to any business owner that using social media effectively to your advantage is critical if you are to get any positive result. However, if the success is to be achieved, you’ve got to ask yourself several questions such as what are the goals you’ve set to achieve as a business. Ways that you have set to achieve them and finally how to address the needs of your customers.


Such are the questions that would help you run a successful campaign that users would respond to.

Below is a bit of research done on your behalf to show you strategies that have been proven to work across all Social Media platforms.


Maximizing engagement rate is probably the most effective means of establishing your presence on social media. It enhances your social proof, increases the visibility of your content as well as earning you followers that are more loyal.

But for you to achieve this, your brand needs to have a following. How do you achieve this?


There are two main options. One is obtaining them freely and the second option is buying

 twitter followers.


Obtaining a substantial following freely is probably the most difficult among the two. It is especially hard for the small local businesses trying to establish themselves. This is because the competition is high on Twitter and most probably the already established firms will stand a better chance in terms of visibility because they are more popular. Twitter is all about the numbers that you can attract and well-established firms have that advantage.

On the other hand, Twitter users can opt for paid options which include paid advertisements and buying twitter followers.


The paid option is quite simple and entails paying twitter to show your ads in the hope of attracting more followers. It’s a convenient method, but very slow in terms of response and can be quite expensive furthermore, there is a little guarantee of success.

The other option is to buy twitter followers which have proven to be more successful in terms of efficiency and reliability, especially in small businesses.


Why buying twitter followers is the best idea?


As a business owner whether a start-up or established, you probably have heard of buying twitter followers and maybe wondered whether it’s a worthy investment.


As we stated earlier, twitter algorithm is designed in such a way that they give top priority in terms of visibility to popular accounts with a big following and a lot of engagement. It goes without saying that if you don’t have the numbers, then you may never stand a chance to enjoy the advantages availed by the social media platforms.


Missing out on taking this advantages may be fatal to your business and may end up closing shop for failure to embrace new ideas hence giving your competitors an edge over you.


For instance, Kodak was once the world’s biggest film company, but was declared bankrupt in 2012 after being in the market for more than 100 years. Its collapse was attributed to its failure to adapt to a new environment, which required firms to address their customers’ needs and market themselves through the upcoming platforms.

While Kodak was hesitant in embracing the new technological advancement in totality, Canon saw the opportunity and has consequently outlived the mega-company to appoint where it couldn’t survive anymore.


This means firms have to either innovate or give up the pursuit. Surprising enough, most of the 500 fortune companies in the 1950s are extinct today. The life expectancy of companies is really diminishing at an alarming rate. This calls for businesses to embrace every opportunity arising before the competition catches up with them hence diminishing them.


However, there are firms that have understood that online marketing specifically social media is the way to go and they are leaping awesomely.


A good example is the Red Bull company. With a humble beginning back in 1987, the company has embraced social media marketing in a powerful way of driving awareness of the extension of the brand.


In 2015, the firm ranked number 76 on the Forbes magazine of the most powerful brands. It has since launched four more flavors of energy drinks to tap on the market effectively. With a sales of more than 60 billion cans worldwide and an established market in over170 countries, this illustrates just how powerful embracing upcoming marketing channels can be.


The advantage of social media marketing is that once your brand visibility is enhanced, you stand achance to compete equally with other firms despite the size of your business. This is why buying twitter followers is important.


In order to leverage the full potential of the social media campaign on Twitter, you need to understand your business position, its potential, the weaknesses and then try to address them. Always concentrate on your end target, which is reaching out to the consumer and satisfying their needs. Let the conversation not revolve around you. This is the reason many consumers report dissatisfaction with social media marketing.


For instance, ensure that all customer queries have been handled satisfactorily. Hire qualified human resource experts who are trained in handling customers in different situations.


Where to buy the twitter followers

If you opt to buy twitter followers, an online research will give you quite a number of them to choose from. However, not everyone vending the twitter likes is genuine. Others will sell you fake twitter followers with funny illogic names and no profile images. Twitter is really fighting this habit and may delete them causing you to lose your twitter follower base and more so your credibility.


This is a mistake that businesses cannot afford to do. Ruining your reputation in such a manner can be fatal. Hence, take your time and conduct an online research. Come up with a list of the top sellers. Then review their credibility by checking on customer review comments on their website. Only buy twitter followers from vendors with good customers’ reviews.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend or a business partner who has used the services before for recommendation. This will ensure that you get the best service for your money. You don’t want to invest so much then get no results.


Once you buy the twitter followers, organic followers will start noticing your content and will probably attract their attention. Posting great content that adds value to their lives will earn you their loyalty. Be informative as much as possible in terms of trending issues in your niche. Your followers will stick to you if you are resourceful and on top of every new thing happening in the industry.


You may want to know those people in your industry who are either influencer or are more involved in matters concerning the industry. Following then will ensure you have first-hand information that you can share with your followers.