Enhancing Fan Engagement with Twitter Polls

News 03:05 May 2024:

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Success in social media marketing is measured in terms of the amount of engagement that you are able to attract. High engagement rate indicates that a brand’s popularity is at its best and people have trust in whatever that specific brand represent.


Increasing engagement is not easy, it requires creativity and applying innovative ways to ensure that people take notice of your tweets and participate in the conversations. Twitter polls happen to be a tool that if utilized effectively can boost the engagement rate as well as inform on not only the amount of following but also the number of active followers that interact with the brand regularly.

Here are some quick tips on how to use twitter polls to increase the engagement rate.


Ask questions


Asking questions is probably the best call to action form of marketing. People always love their opinion being heard by others especially in matters that they feel passionate about. Unlike retweets and favorites, twitter polls let the followers air out their opinions through voting. Hence, it would take less convincing to have followers participating.


To ensure a poll gets maximum participation, ensure that the poll question is interesting and grabs the attention of your followers from the onlook. The best performing polls are those that feature trending issues in a particular industry.


For instance, football fans will vote hugely on matters concerning their favorite teams especially when a controversial matter arises such as poor performance or dismissal or admission of a prayer in an oncoming match lineup.

However, a poll question shouldn’t necessarily feature a brand related question. The topic can be about anything interesting but don’t deviate too much. Ensure that the conversation drives back to your brand promotion.


Create a poll for promotional purpose

Promotions are part of marketing strategies that help brand s grow and attract new following as well as maintaining the existing one. If your business is giving out discounts or free coupons why not feature this announcement in a twitter poll. You only need to be creative enough to get and the poll will earn you the engagement that you want.


Design a twitter poll featuring important business matters


If your business is opening new store in a different location, you can break this news to your twitter fans in form of a poll. Ask them how they feel about the new store and whether the location is suitable.

You can also use a poll when introducing a new product or new packaging. Involving fans makes them feel appreciated seeing that you are asking for their opinion in such sensitive matter.


Although businesses cannot depend entirely on the outcomes of the poll, they are important in understanding the general feeling in the public. After all the poll participants are the customers that you would be expecting to serve, hence getting an opportunity to interact with them and get their opinion may help you evade making uninformed decision.

Use twitter polls sparingly

A twitter poll is a strong call to action message and having one every now and then may send the wrong message to your followers. Use a poll whenever you have an issue at hand that you think your followers would really get interested in to an extent of giving their personal opinion in form of voting.

Twitter Polls how to gain free interaction with fans

How do you obtain information regarding a particular product from fans online?  Have you been faced with making a decision and forced to seek opinion and or feedback from followers?  This is what Twitter Polls is really about.  The Twitter platform just like all other social media platforms is an engagement forum that allows you to engage your fans.  A poll will allow you to effectively gain two things namely build a relation between you followers and your fans in particular.  The same will also allow you to strengthen your brand amongst your fans by involving them in participation.

There are many reasons why polls are an easier way to seek information.  They are easy to create and only take a few minutes to publish.    The good thing with using polls to seek information is because they are mainly a one question structure,  that are easier to answer as fans only get to make a decision among the options provided which normally range between two and four.  The whole process therefore does not require a lot of thinking.  It does not also consume a lot of people’s time compared to surveys which are normally longer and requires a lot of time to complete.

Twitter Polls can be quite entertaining.  People normally wonder how such polls can be entertaining.  Some of the polls questions regard trending issues there keeping participants glued to their Twitter platform for final result.  If you want to make it entertaining you need to add a little personality by seeking information on the trending topics among celebrities.  This has proved to be one of the powerful marketing tools amongst brands in the 21st century.  Introducing a new product in the market can sometimes be quite challenging.

When creating a poll, it is important to note that they have a timeline ranging from five minutes to seven days.   The interactive platform and according to available information is known to provide feedback from real people.  These are people who are no coerced to participate but do so willingly.  It therefore is an easy way of obtaining feedback from people who easily identify with you and if it is a product understand the importance their feedback will mean in the long run.   As a consumer your interest will be to only answer questions that will be consumer based.

Finally, for those who have participated in a Twitter Polls you will appreciate the fact that once the poll is ended all participants are notified of all results at the end.  This is one way Twitter is building a trust among its followers. In most surveys participants never get to know the overall results and even if they do, it might way long after most people had forgotten they even participated.  People of all walks of life like being appreciated and therefore, there is nothing absolutely wrong to appreciate your participants.  You never know, you might need them again sooner than you might have ordinarily thought.  There is a lot of exposure and interaction a poll gives both the user and the participant.