Are Massage Chairs Worth the Cost?

News 05:05 May 2024:

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Buying even the most cost friendly massage chair will definitely drain you several thousand dollars and asking the question whether the chair is worth the investment cannot fail to come up. Frankly speaking, this question cannot be responded to using a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Although the decision would highly depend on the needs that an individual wants to derive from the chair, understanding a massage chair’s benefits will help in answering this question fairly.

The cost factor

True enough, massage chairs can be quite expensive. A budget rated chair can cost around $1000 while a high-end chair will set you back up to $12000 or more. The argument is if a visit to the traditional massage therapist can will cost around fifty or sixty bucks, why invest such a huge amount on a chair?

It’s tempting to conclude that this argument is justified because after all money is a rare commodity and stashing it on a chair may not seem justifiable. However, massage chairs are not just like any other chair in the room. They are scientifically designed to not only offer comfort but also relieve some body pains that sometimes end up becoming serious medical condition.


One might argue that a visit to a traditional massage therapist will solve it all. However, in a busy world as one that will are leaving in today, getting the time to visit a massage therapist can be a challenge. According to massage therapy experts, for you to be able to get any significant positive result from a massage chair, you need to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day and at least three times a day. Many will agree that their busy daily schedule cannot guarantee such luxury of time and this is among the basic factors why you should own a massage chair.


Remember also that owning a massage chair means that anyone in the homestead can benefit from it. Considering the medical benefits, that the chair has you surely cannot be so selfish as to visit a massage therapist alone and have all these benefits to to yourself.



Sometimes you may need to have regular massage therapy probably as a result of doctor’s recommendations. While it may be just okay if the massage therapist’s shop is just a few yards from home’ but if you’ll have to take a drive every now and then for a several kilometers drive, then you will definitely feel the pinch.


Having a massage chair at the comfort of your home can be of great benefit if you have a medical condition such as back or neck pain that requires massage or generally, for the luxury it offers. Anyone who has ever spent some minutes in a massage chair can vouch for it and will admit that the chair is worth every coin it will cost you.


Unique features

Apart from the comfort, massage chairs are uniquely designed to perform some functions that a therapist cannot perform. Such functions include heat therapy, which is important for treating muscle pains.

Other unique features include the ability to improve posture. This is important especially to people who spend their day too much time seated. Spending lots of time seated causes spine, shoulder muscle to strain a lot, and in the process of the body adjusting to the muscle pressure misalignment of the spine occurs which causes posture imbalance. Spending a few minutes 2-3 days a week can correct the spine misalignment as well as relieve you of any shoulder or neck pain without having to take any prescribed doctor’s prescription.


Generally, there are several massage chair designed to fit in rooms with big space or those that have a small available room. Similarly, there are designs that will fit in conveniently with your interior home décor just to ensure that the chair doesn’t look the odd one out.


Although massage chairs can be expensive, there are some classic designs that are not as much expensive hence quite affordable. When looking for a massage chair to buy, always consult an expert especially if you are buying due to a medical condition. Apart from being suitable for alleviating some muscle pain, massage chairs are very comfortable. Seating in a massage chair and rewinding after a hectic day maybe just, what you need. The laxity that it offers is therapeutic itself and helps your body to relax and rejuvenate in readiness to face another day.