Interesting Facts about Massage Chairs

News 03:05 May 2024:

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With the kind of lives that we are leading today, it is almost unheard of for people to just sit back and relax and enjoy some good time. Schedules are tight; economic times are harsh and there is basically both no time and money to relax and have a good time everything today is done on a budget. The one thing that we don’t recognize at all about this kind of lifestyle is the strain that it puts on our bodies and our overall health. The body does need to rest and relax from time to time. This is of course not something that should be done excessively again as it will result in someone being lazy. It is however very important that the balance is found between the very busy lifestyle and the proper rest and health of the body. Massage chairs have been proven to be very effective at providing this balance.

Massage chairs basically resemble the normal loungers or sofa sets. The major difference with them is that they come with a number of mechanical connections that allow them to give you a massage. They come with buttons and a remote control to allow you to switch into different modes and even select the massage technique that you would want to work with. Some of the more advanced chairs will come with timers; this will allow you to enjoy a certain technique for a certain amount of time. These have been seen to be helpful especially in the event where the user find themselves falling asleep while enjoying the technique. The chair will simply run for the time that it has been instructed to and then it will stop. This can help to prevent a lot of things that can go wrong with the continuous running of the chair.

There are a number of massage parlors today that are embracing the use of the massage chairs. These parlous have not completely abandoned the old techniques. They will normally offer you a double package service. First you will get a good and professional manual massage form the parlor’s masseuse then you can move onto the chair. This approach is actually a goodone because truth is told, there are some things that the masseuse can do that the chair cannot and there are things that the chair can do that the masseuse cannot. Get massages form both of them allows you to compensate for what you are lacking from each of them and you alsoget to ensure that your body is fully taken care of.

The massage chairs are definitely good options to also have in the home. They will allow you to conveniently and easily get a massage anytime that you need one. There are however some cautionary steps that need to be taken when it comes to the use of these chairs. The sad fact is that they cannot be used all the time. This is due to the fact that they do require a lot of energy to run. You obviously do not want to have situations where you are running very high power bills.  The use of the chairthus needs to be controlled.Overusing the chair has also been seen to have the effect of making the body numb. This will make itharder for the user to enjoy the services of the chair the next time that they want to use it even if the pressure is increased. This is mainly due to the reason that the body gets accustomed to the vibration that the chair generates thus the response to it is minimized. It is advisable that the chair is used between well-spaced regular intervals.Maintenance of the chair is also something that should greatly be looked into. Remember that the chair has a number of mechanical aspects to it which means that it should always be well taken care of. Failure to properly maintain it will lead to it breaking down.

Thant being said, we cannot take away from the massage chairs the many benefits that they will allow us to enjoy. Imagine getting that massage straight from the comfort of your home after a long and stressful day at work. This is definitely something that each and every individual would love to have.

Reasons why you may be sore after using massage chairs


The use of massage chairs is excellent both for medical purposes as well as for getting that relaxation feeling that we all crave for. However, many people wonder why they feel sore just after a massage session. This article sheds some light on the causes of the soreness and whether it may have any negative health repercussions.



Why you feel sore


Generally, our body mechanism is designed to conserve itself. Most of our body muscles lay in disuse especially if you don’t exercise them. A massage chair revives these muscles almost the same way that they may be revived during a strained exercise session.


The massage helps increase the amount of blood flow to these muscles hence enabling them to discharge toxins that are released from the body. These awakening of these muscles helps the body replace some of the dead cells with healthy ones that will keep your body vibrant.


The awakening of these idle muscles is what causes the soreness feeling which definitely fades within a short time.


However, to avoid this soreness extending for a longer time, you need to learn how to use your massage in the right way. This means understanding the right how long a session in the massage chair should take and how frequently you should use your massage chair.


Basically, the recommended time is approximately 15 -20 minutes stay in a massage chair per session. These sessions should range between 3-4 times spread across a week. Following this schedule is important as it ensures that you get the full benefits of your massage chair without overdoing it. Spending too much time in a massage chair may result in extended soreness and may end up causing more injuries to your body rather than repairing it.


However, you can continue enjoying sitting in the massage chair longer time than indicated above but with the system switched off. May people enjoy the comfort that it gives when reading a favorite book or watching a movie. With the system turned off, it will do you no harm and you can enjoy its comfort as much as you can.


Consulting with your doctor before buying a massage chair is necessary especially if you are buying it for medical purposes. There are many designs in the market today but some designs are specifically engineered to cater for people with certain conditions such pregnant women and people suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain.


Long-term effects of extended use of massage chair


After using your massage chair consecutively for a long time, your muscles will become used to the activity and will become less sore with each session. The continued nourishment of muscles through replacement of dead cells with new ones and removal of body toxins will start showing positive results.


You will find that your sitting posture has improved considerably. When walking you will feel taller because the activated muscles will be properly coordinating your body posture.


You may have noted a person walking with one shoulder slightly higher than the other one. Or a person complaining of tiredness feeling when standing even if it’s only for a few minutes. These are some of the results of lack of massage. Such simple symptoms may persist if not curbed to become a serious medical condition.

Extended use of massage chair will even improve your sleep quality and pattern. Most people suffer from lack of enough sleep or disturbed sleep where you feel tired and worn out just after waking up instead of feeling refreshed. The persistence of such symptoms may cause a medical condition called insomnia, which generally means sleeplessness.


Longer use of massage chair will restore the quality of your sleep by reducing stress levels, which is the major cause of lack of sleep.

Massage chair does this by helping the brain release a hormone known as dopamine, which is a feel-good hormone. This hormone helps people to manage better stress levels naturally hence helping the body relax and be able to sleep calmly and deeply.



Massage chairs are gaining popularity due to the health benefits that one can deliver from their continued usage. Massage chair usage cuts across all ages meaning anyone can use it. There are also many designs meant to cater for all people under any condition. Using it may save you a lot of future medical problems as well as keeping you a happy person.